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What treatments are available for sleep apnea?

A person diagnosed with sleep apnea will require a personalised treatment plan devised by a sleep specialist and taking into account factors such as
Your medical practitioner will work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment to manage your sleep apnea. Solutions and treatment may include: For milder cases
For moderate to severe cases of sleep apnea (or if mild sleep apnea does not improve with lifestyle changes)
Sleep apnea is a condition that requires greater awareness as many live with it either unaware they have it or with little understanding of the potential consequences of not managing it. The right information and support are essential to ensuring that people living with sleep apnea can get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Undertaking a sleep study

To diagnose sleep apnea, a medical professional may choose to conduct a sleep study in-hospital or at-home. The laboratory test requires the patient to stay overnight in a hospital or clinic while being monitored with electrodes and a breathing apparatus. Home tests involve wearing a monitoring device that records sleep data during the night.